Château Palmer

Château Palmer 2000 label. [Image: Château Palmer]

The strikingly unusual way to revel in wine has made the alcoholic drink interesting, especially for those who love to taste beverages. Among those who offer superb flavor is Château Palmer, one of celebrated wineries located at Margaux, France. Just like other wineries, we may find wine makers and vineyard, also essential facilities such as warehouse, bottling facility, and production tanks. Located at Margaux, Château Palmer is one of wine producers having large capacity. However, the quantity has been in paralleled with its quality, so that it’s widely known, not only in Margaux, but also around the globe.

The chateau. [Image: Château Palmer]

The winery was in estate of the Gascq’s, which had been inhabited for few centuries. The Gascq’s was not only known as landlord, but also as politician in local parliament. The family had managed to acquiesce land surrounding Margaux, and within a short period the Gascq’s had successfully produced and distributed wine labeled ‘Château de Gascq’ in 1750s.

Inside the cellar. [Image: Château Palmer]

The cellar. [Image: Château Palmer]

Worker and the cellar. [Image: Château Palmer]

But, the situation was changed by the coming of General Charles Palmer, a British soldier serving in Wellington division and had just arrived at Bordeaux after Toulouse War. He then bought the land from Blaise Jean Charles Alexandre de Gascq’s widow at the price of 100 thousand franc. Within 2 decades, Charles Palmer owned land of 163 hectares; the 82 hectares were becoming vineyard.

The monogram of Palmer. [Image: Château Palmer]

Palmer professionally managed his own winery. The ‘Château Palmer’ favored by London gentlemen. Nevertheless, the long dispute between him and local official had encumbered the sales. Various efforts had been made, but none of them come into favorable results. Then his political career ended, his financial situation worsened, his wife abandoned him. The inauspicious Palmer subsequently was selling all of his properties to Françoise-Marie Bergerac in 1843. Since that moment, the ownership of Palmer’s former assets has experienced change; starting from Péreire brothers to Société Civile de Château Palmer. However, there has been an even consistency in maintaining the image and taste of a great wine which is the characteristic of Château Palmer.

The harvest. [Image: Château Palmer]

Ground rocks of quartz, chalcedony and lyddite where grapes are cultivated. [Image: Château Palmer.]

The harvest. [Image: Château Palmer]

Not biodynamic, but entirely biologic. [Image: Château Palmer]

Prior to vinification. [Image: Château Palmer]

The vinification process. [Image: Château Palmer]

In the area of 52 hectares in Margaux and Cantenac, the grapes are cultivated on ground rocks of quartz, chalcedony and lyddite. In one hectare, there are 10 thousand vines; 47% of Merlot, 47% of Cabernet Sauvignon and 6% of Petit Verdot. Though the preparation can’t be classified as biodynamic, Château Palmer is entirely processed using biological methods. The harvesting is completely done by hand, and the winemaking process (or vinification, the process by which a liquid is fermented into wine) is employed in a well-temperature-controlled cone-shaped stainless-steel vessel. Once the skin is separated, the wine is then stored up to 21 months in an oak vessel. Further processing produces a sour-tasting liquid of Château Palmer which is then stored in a oak vessel for 21 months; 45% of the ‘new’ wine is mixed by Alter Ego de Palmer – formerly known as Reserve de General – which has been stored for 17 months, and 20% among them is newly-produced wine.

The wine is ready. [Image: Château Palmer]

The extraordinary combination of different grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot has produced the complex cum delicious Château Palmer. Each vintage brings taste of time. The processing, which takes almost two years from harvesting to bottling, will give unforgettable reward. The subtle balance between the wealth of aroma and dazzling taste will make it possess unparalleled taste though it is not stored long enough. The Château Palmer will only mark a memory of unequaled please. [FS]