A Portrait of Indonesian Farmer

Indonesia was farming-centered country. Indeed, it was.

Some left farm in order to earn faster and bulkier money. Some stay, keep loving their occupation while staying close with nature. The backbone of national economy is no longer interesting for some people. Slowly but sure, this will deliver great problems upon national food security.

These photos were taken at West Pajarakan, a district of Probolinggo, East Java c.a. 2008.

The subject of these photos were Durasid, one of local farmers, and his colleagues. [FS]

Durasid goes office. [Image: Farid Solana]

At water-supply duct. [Image: Farid Solana]

Cleaning out the unwanted. [Image: Farid Solana]

Durasid in action. [Image: Farid Solana]

Ari, Durasid’s colleague. [Image: Farid Solana]

Discussing the farm. [Image: Farid Solana]

Ari smoking cigarette. [Image: Farid Solana]

Look at his hands!! That’s a brainy way to adore tobacco. [Image: Farid Solana]

Some employ more modern technique. [Image: Farid Solana]

Some employ old-fashined method. [Image: Farid Solana]